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Brand Identity

We will put forward innovative digital solutions to your label in order to help you establish the verbal and visual identity of your brand. We will gain a deep and constant understanding of your company's mission and then develop the essential assets to effectively convey that message. 

Collection Design

Our team of designers provides you with seasonal design concept decks, trend mood boards, trend call-out sheets, color palettes, and innovative alternatives to help you design and fabricate your garments based on your brand's unique creative vision, purpose, and concept.

Our Collection Design service starts with tech drawings, collection mood boards, morphology concepts, trend application analysis, and material selection. During the design review process, we communicate constantly with you and your team to ensure that your vision is achieved before moving on to technical sheet development.

Technical Sheets

It is crucial to communicate and be clear on design specifications with factories when dealing with various designs and quantities since a single detail can affect the product's design and cost. Our design team will assist you in preparing the specs for each style based on your design requirements. Our tech designers are industry engineers. Upon completion, tech sheets are ready for quoting, prototyping, and bulk production.

Art Direction + Styling

Audiovisual content helps tell our brand’s story, bringing all ideas and tones together to evoke an emotion and connect to the consumer. The style of photography, photo selection, and consistency of images are important to maintain brand standards always high. Our goal is to make it possible by bringing your brand's vision to life, by curating and directing your content shooting we will ensure your brand's guidelines are cohesively expressed.